Why Common Double Glazing Alternatives are Not Worth It

Double glazing is certainly a huge commitment that requires time, planning and a substantial financial investment. However, when it comes to your home, it's best to consider the long term benefits.


If you are looking for ways to minimise heat loss from your property and maintain a noise-free ambience at home, you might have looked up double glazing Perth services. However, considering the investment and commitment, many homeowners tend to look for a cheaper alternative.


Sadly there are no quality alternatives to double glazed glass doors and windows. If you are still unsure about investing in double glazing, let's check out a few common alternatives and compare their efficiency.


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4 Common Double Glazing Alternatives

So here is a list of five common double glazing alternatives and a quick glimpse into their efficiency.

1. Thermal Curtains

If your primary goal of getting a double glazed glass door and window is to minimise heat loss you might opt for thermal curtains. These curtains come with a special type of insulating lining that blocks heat transfer.

Why are Thermal Curtains Not Worth it?

Thermal curtains are much cheaper than double glazed units. In fact, you might find a quality piece at just $20 to $40.


While they are certainly affordable, their life span is much shorter than double glazing. If maintained well double glazing can last more than 30 years whereas a thermal curtain will hardly last for 4 to 5 years.


Also, thermal curtains are not as efficient as double glazing. For example, let's consider a double glazed sliding door Perth and thermal cotton battling the summers of Australia. While the double glazed sliding door Perth completely seals your property with its insulating design, thermal curtains will only manage to reduce the amount of heat transfer.

2. Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing is a lot like double glazing and that's why they are much more efficient than thermal curtains.


Under secondary glazing, you simply add another window behind the original window set. Secondary glazing is much cheaper and easier to install. After all, instead of constructing and installing a whole new window unit you simply add an extra layer over the existing design.

Why is Secondary Glazing Not Worth It?

As you might notice, secondary glazing seems to offer similar benefits without the investment and hassle of installing double glazed units. Yet, they are not as efficient as double glazing.


For instance, if you compare a double glazeddoor Perth and a secondary glazed door, battling the weather extremities of Australia, the double glazed unit would be twice as efficient.


If you can manage to handle the initial investment involved in getting double glazed door Perth installed, you will soon retrieve double the investment in terms of the quality of service, comfort and energy efficiency.

3. Insulated Cellular Shades

Insulated cellular shades are a lot like regular curtains. The only difference is they can be pleated into thin folds that can be rolled up and down depending on the design.


An additional layer of air makes them efficient in minimising heat loss. This makes insulated cellular shades one of the highest-rated R-value window covers.


They are known to block up to 40% of heat transfer. Regardless of the weather or season, insulated cellular shades remain consistently energy efficient.

Why are Insulated Cellular Shades Not Worth It?

One of the biggest drawbacks of insulated cellular shades is their inefficiency in blocking unnecessary noise. Unlike double glazed units that offer excellent acoustic insulation, insulated shades allow sound waves to pass through them.


Also, they are only effective if you keep the curtains closed. This means if you want to enjoy the benefits of these shades, it will come at the cost of blocking your outside vision.

4. Window Films

Window films are perfect for homeowners who want to tackle heat transfer without blocking vision. Window films do not just offer protection against harsh ultraviolet rays but can also offer a certain degree of privacy by hindering the vision of outsiders.


They are also considered cheap and easy to install, especially for those windows that are not suitable for any other type of insulation treatment.

Why are Window Films Not Worth It?

Windows films are the only alternative with a decent lifespan of 10 to 20 years and offer considerable acoustic insulation. However, double glazing beats window films in both these criteria.


Also, despite being a strong contender, double glazing offers better insulation benefits. So if you want to enjoy acoustic and temperature insulation without tinting your windows with films, double glazing is the way to go.

Final Thoughts

Double glazing is certainly a huge commitment that requires time, planning and a substantial financial investment. However, when it comes to your home, it's best to consider the long term benefits. Once you get your double glazed units installed from a reputed double glazed window suppliers Perth, you can enjoy an ambient, secure and noise-free home for the rest of your life.