Elden Ring Fan creates a Tarot Card of Godrick the Grafted with the help of a friend

The artwork created by an Elden Ring Fan depicts Godrick the Grafted, the multi-limbed Shardbearer boss of Stormveil Castle, in a tarot card style, and is absolutely stunning


The artwork created by an Elden Ring Fan depicts Godrick the Grafted, the multi-limbed Shardbearer boss of Stormveil Castle, in a tarot card style, and is absolutely stunning.

FromSoftware has never been short on innovative designs for the bosses and monsters that can be found roaming around the game's world. The company has become so closely associated with these visually imaginative and frequently grisly monsters that the term "Dark Souls boss" is now used on the internet to describe any creature design from any medium that is distinctly horrifying in nature. Elden Ring, with its numerous and difficult bosses, is no exception to this rule, and it should come as no surprise that artists will find inspiration while participating in the game.

Every style of enemy is appropriate for the area of the map where it is found, and many of them have some connection to the lore of the area in which they are found. As the player progresses further into unexplored territory, enemy designs become stranger and more unnatural in their appearance.

One of the earliest examples of boss and enemy designs in Elden Ring that intersect with the lore of the area can be found in the surprisingly skippable Stormveil Castle, which is the game's first linear area and one of the game's most difficult to complete. It is possible to see multiple limbs attached to the bodies of the grafted enemies in the castle, a reference to the final boss of this area, Godrick the Grafted. Most players will encounter Godrick as the first Shardbearer boss they encounter, and he is a massive dynamic boss design that was heavily featured in the game's promotional material. Like so many other FromSoftware bosses before it, this design has now inspired some stunning artwork by fans across the internet.


Artwork created by Reddit user u/stevendraw in the style of an old-fashioned tarot card featuring Elden Ring's reviled Godrick the Grafted has been shared online. The vintage line art used in the piece is appropriate for the medieval era in which Elden Ring takes place, and it even resembles the style of the map screen in the game. The white border around the piece and Godrick's name printed on the bottom are clearly inspired by tarot cards, and the piece has the appearance of being part of a set featuring all of the game's bosses done in this style.

The comments section of both posts is flooded with fans who express an interest in purchasing a set of Elden Ring tarot cards if they were made available. This could actually turn out to be a valuable piece of game-related merchandise in the future. In addition to having unique and visceral boss designs, FromSoftware games are renowned for the wide variety of boss designs that can be found in each game. When it comes to displaying the variety of these designs while also showcasing the design of each boss individually, a deck of cards would be ideal.

Fans of medieval or fantasy properties, in particular, often use tarot cards as a format for their artwork. However, they have also been adapted to suit a wide range of other game genres and styles, such as the Mass Effect fan-made tarot cards.