Build for the Elden Ring Items: Mother of Dragons in PVP mode

Please accept my greetings and welcome to today's video presentation


Please accept my greetings and welcome to today's video presentation. Naturally, I'll be portraying Kalisi, who is also known as the mother of the dragon and as danilis tangaryan, among other titles. Consequently, I'll be in charge of the construction of a dragon's lair. The invasion of Sol Castle is fast approaching, so let's get right into the construction phase and then the invasion. As you can see, I'm currently invading at level 90 and am in desperate need of assistance. I have 40 vitality and 20 ideas, but the transaction I made with a US source was solely for the purpose of displaying my data to you in this article. In total, I have 317 endurance points, and it is possible that I will need to add another five points to reach 317 points.

I have 25 percent confidence in my abilities, and I have 37 hurricanes on my team. I use the seal of the Dragon Eucharist to cast my spell, and then I add two with the crimson amber badge, two with the smell of the earth tree, and two with the icon of God's freedom to mix things up a little bit. The US source transaction has obviously increased these by 5, which gives me the first 30 confidence and 42 hurricanes, which gives me enough confidence to use the spell I want. Every few minutes, I switch between a variety of different spells. I'm experimenting with different spells, all of which contain golden vowels, because I'm not sure which one will be the most effective for the dragon. Some of my favorite spells are Aggiel's flame ray rolls, raw Bastille sling x Zeke's decay dragon claw dragon more, and Smarag's glinstone breath, to name a few. Yes, whenever possible, I make extensive use of dragon-related Elden Ring items, such as armor and weapons. It's important for you to be aware that the castle salt invasion has been ongoing for quite some time now.


The fact that it's laying eggs behind the damned fortification is a blessing in disguise."My schedule is packed with errands to run. No, thank you very much for asking. They will not come unless I am able to jump on that bar because this man has been abused, despite the fact that they are present. What you've provided is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you, God. Do you have any idea what you're doing, man? What do you think you're doing, do you not have any idea?

You've made a complete shambles of things. Oh no, I've done it yet again. I was the one who hurt him. That's correct, that's correct, check it. I don't want to gain any weight because it will alert them to the fact that I am hiding somewhere. I don't want to gain any additional weight at this time. I'm hoping I won't be able to see it, but let's get this party started.

Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience. Oh, that's great, that's fantastic, that's fantastic. The use of eyebrows is completely ineffective. Despite the fact that it is good, I hope to seize control of the universe. Oh, that's fantastic, that's a great accomplishment, that's fantastic.

A man is always a filling and satisfying snack to have around. Yes, he is the one who expresses an interest in it first. Oh, no, that's a good thing, in this case. He may even agree to come in with me, which I believe will be possible. Oh, I see what you mean now. That's all there is to it. Wow, as long as you're prepared, there's no need to go through the process again. What exactly is the source of your dissatisfaction?

What, specifically, is the issue? The host for the evening is this Elden Ring Runes PS for sale gentleman. Is he surrounded by people he knows? Yes, I'll start with his associates and work my way down.

Oh, and his friends are no longer alive, unfortunately. Okay, man, let's give him the gleaming stone that he so desires. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think. Ouch! I've been here all night with you and Friend, but this is a completely different game than the previous one. I'm not sure what to make of it at this point. I simply smacked him across the face. It's understandable that I'd want to assist him in his situation. In fact, there are a plethora of spells from which to choose.

To think he would be shot and killed in such a revered location took me completely by surprise. You already know how ecstatic I am to be departing with you. Despite the fact that you're either serious or not serious about looking for me, I'm going to die. To be honest, you don't seem to be able to stop looking for me. No way, not in a million years. Please wait a moment. Did you kill him, or did he commit suicide on his own?

OMG, what a complete and total disaster! Guys, you've been caught off guard. You're acquainted with some people. I'm confident in your ability to pull it off. Oh no, what a disappointment. He's the boss, there's no doubt about it.

We've been able to keep it a secret so far. We've drawn up a road map. Oh, there's a little bad guy lurking around the corner. Oh, thank you very much. It's impossible to look away from the other one. I've been in this place for quite some time now.

Oh, but it has been discovered that the moon has a monetary value. Oh, I'm confident he'll understand. Oh, boy, I've got it, I've got it, I've got it. That's all there is to it: I've been caught, I've been caught, and I've been hurt. You should be aware that there are two additional people.