Adula the Glintstone Dragon: Strategies for Defeating Her with the Elden Ring

Those who have not yet had the opportunity to become acquainted with the Glintstone Dragon Adula may find that she is a difficult opponent


Those who have not yet had the opportunity to become acquainted with the Glintstone Dragon Adula may find that she is a difficult opponent. This is a guide for players on how to defeat her, and Elden Ring Runes PC for sale goes as follows:


In Elden Ring, players have the opportunity to engage in combat with a large number of bosses. Regardless of the player's level, certain bosses pose a significant challenge for the Tarnished, and these bosses can be found throughout the game. Dragons are some of the most challenging enemies to vanquish among these bosses because of their enormous size, constant barrage of attacks, and overall power to cause widespread destruction. As they move further into the game, players will have the opportunity to fight dragons. During the course of their journey, players will face off against a wide variety of dragons, including some hidden bosses who, if defeated, will bestow upon them powerful spells and weapons.

An excellent example of this can be found in the Glintstone Dragon Adula, a fearsome creature that the players will face twice while traveling through the Lands Between in order to complete their quests. This dragon is located in the Lands Between. She is a rather difficult adversary, and if a Tarnished is unprepared, she has the ability to kill them instantly; however, the reward for defeating her is more than worthwhile. She has the ability to kill a Tarnished instantly. The following provides a rundown on where players can look for the Glintstone Dragon Adula in Elden Ring runes, as well as what happens when they are successful in killing her.


Finding Adula, the Glintstone Dragon and Her Laid-Back Hideout


  • In order to begin the process of dealing with Adula, the first step in the process is to initiate the first encounter with her

  • You can find the Legacy Dungeon that is known as Caria Manor in the top-right corner of the map in the northwest part of Liurnia of the Lakes

  • As they continue their journey through Liurnia of the Lakes, the players will eventually reach their destination

  • After the player has completed this area and defeated the boss that waits for them at its conclusion, they will be granted access to the Three Sisters, a condensed area that is home to multiple towers, one of which is Ranni's Rise

  • Ranni's Rise is one of the towers in this area

Once the players have made their way towards Ranni's Rise, they will finally come face to face with the Glintstone Dragon Adula for the very first time. If you engage her in combat and bring her health down to a point where it is low enough, she will eventually flee the area after being pushed to her breaking point as a result of being driven to her breaking point. During the time that you spend waiting in front of the Cathedral of Manus Celes, the next step is to search for Adula. Unfortunately, this region is inaccessible, and the only way to get there is by completing the extensive questline that Ranni provides. After completing this chain of quests, players will eventually arrive at the Moonlight Altar, which will grant them access to the region that is situated high above the Village of Albinaurics. It takes a significant amount of time for players to get to this point because they first have to acquire the Fingerslayer Blade, then they have to vanquish the Baleful Shadow, and finally they have to vanquish a formidable boss named Astel, Naturalborn of the Void. After the players have finished all of these challenges, they will be able to engage in a rematch with Adula, the Glintstone Dragon, and this time they will be able to win the battle and eliminate her from the game permanently. Those who are having difficulty completing Ranni's Quest can use this guide as a reference and proceed through the quest in the same manner as it is written.

Defeating Adula, the Glintstone Dragon: Tactics and Methods

Getting through Ranni's questline can be a difficult enough task on its own, but defeating the Glintstone Dragon Adula can be an extremely difficult and time-consuming ordeal on its own. Despite the fact that she is not as powerful as some of the other dragons in the game (such as Placidusax), she is still capable of one-shotting players and has quite a bit of health to chip away at depending on the player's level when they decide to take on the challenge of fighting her. This is because her power level is dependent on the player's level.

When it comes to gameplay, the Glintstone Dragon Adula has a strategy that is very similar to that of the vast majority of the game's other dragons. She is capable of performing a swipe attack, an attack with her tail, hovering in the air, and attacking enemies from above with a slam attack from the air. Players who have previously engaged in battles against other varieties of dragons shouldn't have too much trouble dodging these relatively straightforward attacks. When it comes to Adula's attacks, the players absolutely need to be on the lookout for her Moonblade and her Glintstone projectile attack. On occasion, a massive greatsword will materialize in Adula's mouth, and she will use it to slash at the players below her in a direction that is horizontal. This attack has the potential to cause a lot of damage. Additionally, as the attack nears its conclusion, shards will be released into the environment. Both of these assaults cause a buildup of frostbite, which, if the player is not adequately prepared, can render them helpless and unable to defend themselves.

The dragon's second attack begins with the buildup of her breath, followed by the release of a barrage of projectiles that actively seek out players and attempt to engage them in combat. This attack is intended to be more damaging than the dragon's first attack. Because of the potentially devastating amounts of damage that can be dealt by both this attack and the Moonblade sweep, it is absolutely necessary for players who do not have a lot of vigor to avoid both of these attacks.

Adula, the Glintstone Dragon, will leave behind a piece of magic known as Adula's Moonblade once she has been defeated. With the help of this sorcery, players are able to conjure their very own greatsword, complete with the icy projectiles that accompany it. This attack has a chance to build up solid Frost, which will enable players to deal even more damage to their adversaries than they could before.