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My kinky curly curly hair isn't low enough, and they would be too at least on one side, and it's always on the side that's giving me problems


My kinky curly curly hair isn't low enough, and they would be too at least on one side, and it's always on the side that's giving me problems. I'm like, what the hell is going on? I don't understand. I really think it's them. I don't even think it's me anymore because I have too much of a time problem. And my sister my sister started saying the same thing recently, like the hairline isn't low enough, and they would be too atHaving said that, the size issue is that the kinky curly curly hair isn't as low as it should be, which is the only issue I've had with the size in this particular area. You all noticed how thin the ends of the hair were at first and all that, but now that you've seen it, I'll leave it up to you to make a decision and do whatever you want with it.

You can use it however you want, but I'm giving it a 9 out of 10. It was super thin when I first took it out of the bag, but now it's like look at how full it is and just like look at it all, so do whatever you want with it. Because of the size, it would have been a perfect 10, but you know she's here, my line, you know, if you want to sponsor this kid for a week video, I'm here, and you can see what I did with it here. This one is just to let you know, kinky curly curly hair but yeah, go ahead and follow me in the ticker, because I did a ticker for you. First and foremost, this is my very first time doing a real ticker, and there are a lot of them. The tickers on my page are similar to a video that's on my camera and I've just got it automatically synced to music or something, so this is the first time I've done a video for a ticker on my page. This is the first time I've done a video like this, recorded on TikTok, and everything is as follows: I believe I'm doing the conversion; however, I believe I didn't really do this the first time; therefore, you can all follow me on Talk and see the changesWhat are your thoughts on the fact that I know I did it? I know I did it, what do you think?

What did you think of my performance during the installation? The color and the style, even though the color wasn't what I wanted initially, I actually really like this to see how things are going you know yeah I don't have anything else to say you see, you see, this way yeah that's it for this video make sure to check out my website because I'm selling my lashes there, my big lashes. Thanks for watching! With a wink, these are my 25mm lashes and my baby wings painted on my shoulders. These are my natural girl lashes, and these are a new pair of big lashes that will be available on the website shortly.

My big lashes will be announced on the website, and the rest of the other lashes will be discontinued. The new fluffy collections will be available this weekend, and my big lashes will be announced on the website. Keep an eye out for them over the weekend, everyone. I'm currently sporting a pair of them myself.

I'm currently sporting a pair, don't you think? I also sell lip glosses, and if you want to see me in person, you can stop by and buy my lipstick. It's one of my mini lip glosses; I have three different colors: Juicy Watermelon Watermelon, which is a bright red, Georgia Peach, which is a peachy color, and Cocoa Kiss, which is the color I'm currently wearing.

That's what I'm currently using, and it's a brown color, Austin. They're both very moisturising, and if you don't have any, I also have a clear lipstick and a strawberry lipstick that you could use instead of these. My clear gloss collection also includes the strawberry kiwi, which is a regular clear gloss, and the pineapple ding, which is also a regular clear gloss. I also sell bags; I have the crystal money bags that I've run out of; it's fine; I've sold out of them; I'm not going to restock them anytime soon.